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I am a self-taught artist and I have been painting and creating texture art since I was a little girl. Never seriously though. I have a busy mind and I am often doodling or making some kind of craft (it helps to keep anxiety in check). In 2018, after having to rebuild my entire life, I realized I needed some art for my bare walls. Since I knew I could paint half decently, I decided I would just paint my own canvases since I couldn't really afford to purchase a house full of art. One by one I started filling my walls with paintings. As I would paint, I posted my paintings on Facebook and Instagram for my family and friends to see. Often times people would ask if a piece was for sale and if I thought I could part with it...I sold it. So some of my walls are still bare but I take it as encouragement to keep painting. If my walls are bare...then the pieces are selling. I also take commissions and I have done some really fun and challenging pieces. ​I love to paint and create. My mind palace is always hard at work. I'm so grateful that I have this outlet and I think my best work is yet to come! 

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